About Me

This is me, standing across the street from my favourite Delhi landmark, the 108′ Hanuman statue and temple that stands in a busy intersection between the Jhandewalan metro station and Karol Bagh. On Hanuman’s day (Tuesday), the hands shift open to reveal Sita and Ram within his heart. Click Here for a peek inside.

I’ve been a devoted student of yoga and its underlying philosophies for over a decade, and the spirit of India is so much a part of my daily life that it was only natural for me to travel to the “motherland.” Here, I felt a part of, but apart from, the deeper spirituality even as it resonated in my core every day of my trip…

I started This Girl’s Meanderings as a first attempt at a travel blog, replete with ramblings about that first trip to India, as well as many additions since I’ve been back, musings on travelling closer to home, current events and life as it unfurls. Nearly a decade later, I’m still posting missives from my sometimes ridiculous adventures abroad. Musings and missives and meanderings. That’s me in a nutshell.

More than any other place I’ve been (except, maybe Istanbul), I feel tight ties to India. Even though the thick jet lag fog has long since abated from that trip, there is that lucid dream-like manner in which India has gotten under my skin. I’m ready to get back on a flight East as soon as the fates allow.

So, why, you ask…

I’m a closet Nat Geo photojournalist at heart, nomadic blood pumping through my veins most of the year. I’m at my best when I’m exploring or satisfying my curiosity or watching wildlife do its thing. If you get the chance, dive with whale sharks or camp in the Okavango Delta or hike through a Belizean jungle at midnight and close your eyes or watch an osprey grab a fish nearly 2/3 the length of its body and fly off… Nature is magical. Humans, for the most part, pretty much suck.

I use my Medium page for writing about the serious, life stuff: mentoring and growing and stumbling and creating and finding oneself. This blog is where I record my experiences and share my love of this amazing planet with whoever will listen. I’ve been procrastinating my work on a book for years, the file called [title].nearlyfinal.FINAL.draft42.doc sitting in my Dropbox waiting patiently for me to pull the trigger on it. It’s a compilation of life and love and yoga and learning. Shameless plug: It’s good, so if you’re a publisher and interested in something just a little bit outside of the box, please message me.

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