My Day Job

what does an ID do

By day, I am an Instructional Designer for a software company (if you’re interested in my sordid work history – take a look at my LinkedIn profile). I design and develop training – specifically eLearning – that helps people learn how to use our products. Which essentially means I get to write every day and ask questions and build interactive stories to help people get better at using our software. For the past several years I’ve worked for Nuance Communications, a speech recognition and natural language understanding company… we make technology that helps devices (phones, cars, computers, TVs, tablets, refrigerators, etc. etc.) understand not only what we’re saying but what we mean when we say it, and then interpret that speech into product functionality. Our products help doctors provide better care, professionals do their jobs better and more efficiently, and businesses give better service to their customers. It’s mind-blowingly cool stuff, and it’s at this point where I think it would have been fun to be an engineer or a speech scientist. Or Anthropologist (click here to go back to my travel blog or here to see my stories on Medium).


I made this interactive resume recently.

And since I did my InstaGus project, I even made a bio for my dog!



Here are some samples of work I’ve done, that I can share on here:

Dragon Anywhere introductory training video

Dragon Anywhere introductory video (DE)

Want to learn a little bit more about me? This is a quick fun little game I made based on a lunch session we had here at work… 2 Truths/1 Lie

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